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The Eagle has landed!


Stuffed you Charlton!

So, after flying naff airways totaling about 7 hours delay, we finally arrived in BA. We’d expected to seamlessly transfer from one plane to another, but instead had to run from checkout to checkin with 20min before take off, no seats together and no optimism on getting the booze we’d bought duty free side through another x-ray and search squad!

Luckily Madrid guards didn’t give a stuff and I needlessly shoved a half bottle of 12 years scotch malt finest down my pants. As we ended having to wait 5 hours delayed, this and a bottle of wine came in pretty useful for our ever announcement extending wait.

Flight not much to speak of apart from a funny tranny who Clare didn’t believe was a man (head the size of beach ball!), and some chunk next to her puking as soon as we arrived.

Got to our apartment, and took it as a good sign, the owner was a little middle aged gay guy with a proper grey and ging tash/goaty beard, he would be exactly what you’d get if you crossed my bro Andy with his dog Louis!

Quick snooze and we went out to find a micro brewery with some top beer (see my 6 glass sampler!), couple of steaks and that was a night. So far Clare has been speaking the Spanglish like a pro, cabs shops bars food, i just say ‘no ablo espanglo’. Today she got the info off a cabby where to get our Boca Juinors tickets for sunday, shame we’re not here the week after ‘cos we cold have seen them play River Plate, but then I think those tickets would have been pretty hard to come by even so.


Micro sampler (Oktoberfest wins!)

Micro sampler (Oktoberfest wins!)

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