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I can’t believe it’s been so long…


Wow. The last post I wrote, I finished with the fact we’d just found a little street kitten, how Jamie and I were both madly in love with little Oliver and that we’d fatten him up, get him healthy and sort him out with a lovely new family. My my my, how our world turned upside down on its head. And all because of our lovable street urchin kitten Oliver.

It’s been seventeen months. SEVENTEEN MONTHS! So much for my dedicated blog writing. I was rubbish at that, eh. However, a recent watch of the film Julie and Julia has got me with the blogbug again.

Since December 2008, lots of things have changed. We had planned to stay in Barra da Lagoa for six month until May 2009, but then extended that until September because we were really happy there, and didn’t much relish the idea of moving again. Along the way, we both fell more and more in love with Oliver. So much so that we plumped for bringing him back home with us. Lots of redtape, paperwork and pit-of-stomach-worry moments later, we ended up here in Argentina so that we could get him back to the UK when we eventually return.  Weirdly the rules and regulations of our strict island mean that Oliver wasn’t allowed to travel to the UK directly from the Brazil. Lucky for us, really because we LOVE Argentina! A bit soppy, but being so far from home, missing my old job and our friends and family, having something so small and vulnerable that needed a lot of love really pulled Jamie and I together.

A chance meeting on Jamie’s birthday in Barra with some fab Argentinians Pablo, Matias and Ana ended with us on a boardwalk, having a natter, listening to the guitar, trying the famous Argentinian drink Fernet, washed down with a Mendoza Malbec and asking for recommendations where we should live when the three of us moved to their country. Cordoba! Matias loved it there, and as he spoke of it, we began to fall in love with the idea of it too… a city so enough going on to keep us entertained,  but small enough to manage, and right nearby mountains, lakes, greenery and oodles of fresh air. Added bonus that his cousins lived there, and he could put us in touch. Cordoba - Sold to the mad British couple paying a fortune to bring their kitten back home with them!

Now it’s May 2010, and we’ve been living here in San Roque, a small comuna in the middle of nowhere, for the last eight months. Those cousins of Matias, Vale and Sole, their gorgeous husband’s Maxi and Juan, and their fabulous family are now our dearest friends, and… ahem, we’ve added to our furry family accidentally on purpose, with Stan, a devilish cute Siamese and Molly, a stoopid but adorable street pupster. Oliver has grown up to be a handsome, sensitive and delicious kittykat, and we love him more than every before. Below is a little family portrait minus Oliver, who is a bit shy.

Family Portrait (minus Oliver)

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