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I’m officially techno-phobic…


Mum, Lizybet and a shy Louis day before we left...arrrrr!

Mum, Lizybet and a shy Louis day before we left...arrrrr!

I think Jamie’s concept of stuffing Charlton is a little exaggerated… one nil was all, eh bro.

Yup, so here ok. It was a pretty awful journey to be fair, and we won’t be flying Air Comet again, that’s for sure! After a reeeeeally stressful morning the day we left (Mum and I fighting a pair of shorts into a rucsac, and Jamie still burning back up cds as the cab was waiting), then getting to E Croydon and realising immediately we have too much luggage (currently in the process of battling out which things we ditch - my clothes have been carefully chosen and mean A LOT to me, what’s a few wires between friends to lose), trains being up the creek meaning I had repetitive strain from checking over and over and over the time… we arrived at Gatwick. Hot, sweaty and already pooped. Only to be told my suitcase (which contained Jamie’s stuff too in my defence) was too heavy meaning I was on my hands and knees frantically rejigging. It was awful! I even ended up giving the check-in lady my Atonement book to cut down on weight - she thought it was great, and we got extra leg room. Result! As we got to xray bit, a man told me off and I cried. I mean SOBBED like a complete loony because I was emotional and all over the shop. He won’t be doing that in a hurry - everyone looked at him like he was a complete ogre, whilst I wiped snot bubbles and tears onto Jamie’s shoulder.

Then after a great Madrid flight, it all went down hill as Jamie said in his post. Hispanic people express their anger in such a great way - clapping madly and stamping their feet. A vast contrast to us English lot. Anyways, we got here in the end… I had to do my maternal bit as the man next to me who was rather large and elbowed me all the way over, upon landing decided to vom. Eugh. I felt sorry for him though as had experienced the same dismeanour when I went to Italy with crutches and a disagreement with the painkillers. I left him some handy sized tissues and a pack of wet wipes. Loooooooser that I am!

BA is really big, but has an exciting vibe to it… could defo live here for a while. Saw Evita’s tomb today in Recoleta’s cemetry which was a funny old place. So much money spent on real estate for dead people… weird. Some were so ostentatious and glitzy, whilst others had been left to ruin with cobwebs and cats living inside… It was like a city within a city. Think I’d far rather a little plot of greenery to mark my life!

Day two and I have already managed to misplace a credit card and lock my phone. IDIOT. I’m meant to be the responsible one! Still, it’s all ok now.. card cancelled, phone unlocked. Jamie thinks it’s hilarious, and I feel like a divvy technophobe… I’m super impressed with Jamie though - within about 5 minutes of being here, we are wifi’d up, receiving skype phone calls and generally taking over the world from our flat!

We’re still pretty jetlagged so hopefully after a good night’s sleep we’ll be back on top ready to make the best of all BA has to offer….

Street of Tombsville

Street of Tombsville

Evita's abode

Evita's Abode

Ghostly one!

Ghostly one!

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“I’m officially techno-phobic…”

  1. On October 6th, 2008 at 12:05 pm Max Says:

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