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We’re going to give tango another gogo


Trying his moves on Miss Plastic Fantastic

Trying some moves with Miss Plastic Fantastic

Jamie told me off because I got our blog all muddled in order as I didn’t mention the tango we went to early in the week. Ooops! See above photo! The location was beautiful - the oldest coffee house in the whole country. Amazingly ornate and elegant. But we were a little disappointed with the show itself. Booo! It was just a little bit cheesy, really. There was a section of about 15 minutes where they asked the audience what countries they were from, and the musicians played appropriate ditties. When it came to England, the singer introduced himself as James Bond which was sooooo cringe! At the end of the dance, Ceri, Jamie and I all agreed that one of the main problems was that we didn’t fancy the dancers on any level - there was noooooooo passion whatsoever! Doh! The bloke looked like a tubby Freddie Mercury (teeth and all), and the woman was getting on a bit, and looked like she shouldn’t be dancing tango any more. Added with the heaps of plastic surgery she had obviously had. We decided to drown our sorrows, and perk ourselves up a bit, with a few strong cocktails in a small area of Buenos Aires called San Telmo. The night ended when Jamie fell asleep at the table! Hee hee!

It’s meant to be 80 degrees this Saturday - so I shall be getting my lily whites out! Today we visited Avenida Alvear which is one of the more select parts of where we’re staying - spent time with my nose against the windows of Louis Vuitton, Armani and such like. The Galeria Alvear is an exclusive shopping mall attached to a hotel - again, just window shopping for us!Tonight we’ve booked in for another tango show with many more dancers and a more exciting reputation. It’s back near La Boca - let’s hope the tango dancers don’t spit too!

Booked ourselves a massage each at a spa nearby because I’m missing JoJo and her magic hands. Think we’re going to try and catch some live music this weekend, and get out and enjoy the sunshine. It’s funny though, because we were both saying how hard that must be because there are such tall buildings, the streets are often really dark. Jamie and I both feel grubby all the time because the traffic is immense here. As a result it’s incredibly polluted too, and then each night the cartoneros come out in their masses. These are the garbage recyclers who literally go through people’s rubbish to take out the things that can be recycled. It’s a real shock to start with, but then weirdly it becomes the norm. Which is a shock in itself. Men, women, kids - whole families sometimes. No gloves, just bare hands trawling through rubbish. So sad when compared to the privileged life of so many here in this city. It’s definitely a place of contrasts. Having come from London, I think we both feel ready to move on to a slower pace of life in Uruguay… and I’m really looking forward to Florianopolis in Brazil - greenery, beaches and fresh air.

Highlight of the week has to be sat here in our flat, chatting away to both our mum’s in West Wickham via webcam, having a right old hoot!It was fantastic to giggle away together from opposite sides of the world.

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“We’re going to give tango another gogo”

  1. On October 10th, 2008 at 1:58 pm Ma Walker Says:

    It was such a laugh for me too when Sandra and I were having our little chat with you 2 the other day, can’t wait to get Louie up on the chair later today so he can see and bark with you via the webcam…..just a bit worried about our monitor with his reaction when he see’s Jamie….will have to hang on to his collar just in case he tries to get real close to you! Been amazed at all the techi stuff you’ve done remotely on our computer from your laptop Jamie - what a geek you are. xx