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Goodbye Schnauzer Aires


Number 1 choice of hound in BA

Number 1 choice of hound in BA

Well after 11 days in BA we’re on the move. I think after the stress of preparations and organising and then finally getting here, a big old dirty city despite all its character hasn’t been the most relaxing environment to acclimatise to. A calm beach town is sorely needed!

It’s amazing the difference we saw from the very poor to the very rich, but even though we’d had warnings we never felt in any susceptibility to danger. Well, except for driving back from Senor Tango when going through Boca, the cab driver leant back and locked both our doors and commented on hearing gunshot!

Palermo was a very plush cool boutique area the total opposite to Boca, and San Telmo very much in between the two with lots of good bars and restaurants. I think with more time we’d have cracked the city, and then with more still we could have seen a wider Argentina, but this will have to wait until another 6 months or so as getting out here and finding a place to settle for now is task enough.

The fantastic character of Boca in the day, with its live tango outside the restaurants and its colourful but shanty like structures really stand out as a highlight. I have to say I’m almost sick of eating huge enormous mouth watering steaks that cost only a couple of pounds, maybe just a few more and I’ll move on to the ribs! Next best highlight being the amount of dogs we’d seen and stroked (good remedy for missing Louis), and Schnauzer’s being the most popular as the above photo demonstrates.

Clare asked me to mention that at last we’d sample Mate! This is their equivalent of coffee, no caffeine but instead some other herb concoction that gets you going. You see lots of people walking around in the street carrying flasks of this, but you never see it sold in restaurants or bars. This has made it seem a bit illusive and special. In fact, somewhere in our Lonely Planet it extols how great it is, the ritual importance in Argentine life and how special and lucky you might be to be invited in to a family home to partake in this. Clare was over the moon to be offered some, but in light of this build up I was a bit disappointed that, our sample took place in a mobile phone shop! Clare ever excited to see it being drunk by the sale assistants, commented to a girl ‘was that mate?’, and so the famed Argentine friendliness kicked in as we were offered some while buying a sim card! Very tasty stuff, I finished all of it after Clare had taken most of the heat from the metal straw you sup it from…

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“Goodbye Schnauzer Aires”

  1. On October 19th, 2008 at 7:02 pm Mum Says:

    You had me giggling out loud with your last sentence Jamie………have a picture in my head of poor Clare with burnt lips having taken the brunt of the heat, then you casually taking over the “flask” to enjoy the drink itself!